Screenplays & Teleplays


LAND OF PRIDDY written by Jessica Gohlke & Molly Seitz  


Rural America, the proverbial “land of plenty,” is sputtering for breath. At least one tradition – the rodeo – is alive with optimism. This series circles around the exhilarating, high-risk milieu of the modern day rodeo circuit, but targets the struggling, humorous and resilient inhabitants of one small town in America’s middle.


GUIDE TO LIGHT written by Jessica Gohlke


Five massive slabs of polished granite rise out of a barren knoll in northeastern Georgia.  For over 25 years, people have puzzled over the origin of this American Stonehenge.  Who commissioned it, what do the eerie doomsday messages carved in eight languages mean?  GUIDE TO LIGHT begins in suburban Minneapolis where a seemingly unrelated mystery has taken hold of a community – the town’s teenagers have started to disappear.  At the local high school, the shared handshakes, recurring ancient symbols and shared Tweets could all be seen as normal.  Soon, followers from around the country will be converging at the Guidestones for a massive Guide to Light ceremony. What will happen to them, and perhaps all of humankind, remains to be seen.


Finalist - (3 projects in last 2 years) - Episodic Lab and Youtube New Voices Lab sponsored by Sundance Institute 

First Place (for GUIDE TO LIGHT) - Big Idea Writer's Challenge, sponsored by Script Magazine

Finalist (for BULL RIDER) - Cinequest Screenplay Competition

Finalist (for BULL RIDER) - Table Read My Screenplay Competition

Finalist (for a Web-based reality series) - Edelman Studios

Finalist (for THE LOOKING LESSON) - Bad Kitty Films Screenplay Competition


Semi-finalist (for THE LOOKING LESSON) - Fade In Magazine Screenplay Competition

Semi-finalist (for THE LOOKING LESSON & COMPANY POLICY) - The Chesterfield Writing Competition (two years in a row)

Quarter-finalist (for THE LOOKING LESSON) - The Writer's Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition

Quarter-finalist (for LIFE'S A BEACH) - The Lone Star Screenplay Competition